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Get Bulk Books at Wholesale Prices in Nairobi Kenya

Buying used books in Nairobi Kenya is a great way to save cash on print books. It has become more relevant since book prices have increased over the years. And that is why it is far better to buy used books in bulk than purchasing new books. 


You would think that traditional books would cost less because of the emergence of e-books and various online publications. It got cheaper a few years ago, but that is not the case anymore. The good news is that you can get used books for a far lower price. You can even get the same book as you would if you bought the new book.


Brand PR Limited is ideal for used book wholesale purchases because we are committed to helping the environment. We accomplish this feat by partnering with numerous libraries and various vendors to ensure that used books end up in good hands like you instead of the trash. Brand PR Limited serves a diverse customer base from NGO’s, private and public corporations, libraries, Nairobi's used book sellers, Nairobi Used Bookstore, Street vendors and individuals. 


When the company gets a book that cannot be used again, they recycle them. Nothing goes to waste. That is why Brand PR Limited prices are considerably low.


Knowing where to buy books in bulk for low prices can be a daunting task. And that is why Brand PR Limited you a head start for the different book categories which you can browse at to meet your needs. You can check out these lists and see the one that works for you.


Searching for the best place to buy used books in bulk does not have to be a tiresome search. You need to know where to find them, especially if you plan to make it into a side business. Located just 16kms from Nairobi CBD, at Indian Bazaar, 500 meters from Total 

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Over 100k books donated to schools world wide
Over 132 million books saved from landfills

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